The Course - Game Art

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Game art encompasses the artistic management of the projects, the production of digital images for universe, character, animation and interface design and execution. With a desire to create attractive visuals that allow players to be completely submerged in another universe, the game artist relies on production constraints that he has identified. The game art that is taught at DSK Supinfogame simulates professional production chains through tangible projects and regular partnerships with companies that work in the area. From traditional graphic arts that meet the requirements of a previously thought out game design, the game artist must master the main lines of graphic design production and adapt his know-how to management and project development.

Foundation Course - 3 years

The two year Foundation Course enables students to acquire the basic knowledge they need to take a professional approach to video game production:

  • General education (the arts, psychology, theory of images, etc.)
  • Learning about the industry and the specific trades within it
  • Developing a knowledge of videogames and an ability to analyze them
  • Design, communication and teamwork techniques
  • Basic organization and management techniques

Advanced Course - 2 years

During the advanced course, students gain a deeper knowledge of the techniques and skills required for game design and videogame production management:

  • Mastery of the mechanisms of Game Design
  • Practical use of production techniques
  • Supplementary teaching: law, film analysis, ergonomics, marketing, etc.
  • Individual or group projects
  • The final year is mostly dedicated to the achievement of a team project (pre-production and prototyping of a game)



Norbert Cellier
Head of Studies
Norbert Cellier is an accomplished Senior Executive with over 20 years experience in managing internal development team...