DSK International Campus team would like to thank you for your keen interest in our animation, video game and Industrial design courses. We believe that with an education at the International Campus, you will be ready to work with global giants and change the future of design.

This information has been especially written with you in mind, so that you can make a more informed choice. It talks about every aspect of the education we offer.

Go through it carefully and all your questions will be answered. If you still feel that you need to know something more, please feel free to call us on this number: +91 8975765053

Where is the DSK International Campus located?

The campus is located in Pune. Our address is:

Nr. Loni Toll, Pune Solapur Road
Pune: 412 308, India
Telephone: +91 20-6678 4310/00
E-mail: info@dsksic.com

Our regional Marketing & Sales offices:


316, World Trade Centre
Barakhamba Avenue
Connaught Place
New Delhi - 110 001
PH: +91 11-4160-4990


DSK House
Veer Savarkar Marg (Cadel Road)
Next to Mayor’s Bungalow
Shivaji Park
Mumbai - 400 028
PH: +91 22-2446-6446


# 811, 8th floor
Prestige Meridian-1
M.G. Road
Bengaluru - 560 001
PH: +91 80-4175-3489


617, Diamond Prestige 41A,
AJC Bose Road
Kolkata - 700 020
PH: +91 33-4004-7144/47

What is the curriculum like?

The curriculum, which has been certified by the Government of France, has two basic structures:

  • a. The first 3 years is a foundation course. During this time you will be trained in important skills like art, visualisation, execution and so on. You will also learn about the industry and trades within it.
  • b. After the foundation level, you will be trained to be industry-ready with focussed world-class professional grooming for 2 years. You will get to execute your ideas using the latest technology there, in state-of-the-art studio-like environment and workshops.

IMPORTANT: The focus of our curriculum is in creating professionals. Which is why, we have regular MASTERCLASSES by top international professionals who are major forces in their chosen field. By interacting and learning from the masters directly makes learning far more practical and effective. Also, their experiences and wisdom will help you understand how the future is being shaped in the fields of animation, gaming and industrial design.

Since we focus on creating world-class professionals, we are constantly striving to help our students get internships with top multi-national companies across the world. Our global network of alumni and trainers has helped us realise this with substantial success. Many of our students have been consistently working and learning with companies that are based in Europe and Asia.

Who manages the International Campus?

The International Campus is a joint venture between the DSK Group, Pune and the Rubika Group, France. The Rubika Group was earlier known as Supinfocom Group.

What courses does DSK International Campus offer?

We offer comprehensive courses in Animation, Video Game and Industrial Design. Here’s a summary:


In animation, the 5-year program trains you to be Digital Directors. After the 3 year foundation course, where you are introduced to the essential skillsets needed to be an animator, you move on to the 2-year advanced level wherein you actually learn 3D Animation & Computer Graphics in a studio-like environment. You will be guided by professional trainers from the animation industry so that once you complete the course, you are ready to take on the actual work environment in a studio.


In video gaming, you start with a 3-year foundation course that equips you with the specific skillsets, both in art and technology, and other related knowledge required to be a professional. You can choose from three streams within gaming: Game Art, Game Programming or Game Design.

Overall, the course will encompass general education like arts, psychology, theory of images, the industry and so on. You’ll also learn about design, communication and teamwork techniques during the foundation.

After that, you will proceed to the 2-year specialisation. You will also be taught to manage projects and various intricacies that go into creating world-class games.


In the case of Industrial design, you could choose product design, transportation design and digital design. However, you will have to start with a 3-year foundation course, like in the other two fields, and during the foundation you will master the industrial design process and learn to express your ideas via graphic sources, various creative techniques and manufacturing processes. You will be specifically taught to work independently, so that your professional skills are chiselled to match global standards.

Once you get to the specialisatiion, you will get practical education on incorporating your creativity and skill into an actual environment. You will work with advanced softwares and actually create the outputs in a world class workshop with the latest technologies.

For more details, buy a prospectus by visiting http://www.dsksic.com/online_application_form.

Could you tell me more about the faculty?

You will be happy to know that our faculty are professionals who have worked in their respective industries and have had their own education from top institutes.

The faculties will also comprise exciting talents who will bring to you the best of contemporary design and new media education. Add to that the masterclasses and the superior infrastructure, and you have a combination that is unbeatable.

What degree do I get once I pass out of DSK International Campus?

The curriculum has been certified by the Government of France. Once you pass out, you will be an International Masters degree holder.

Are you affiliated to any university in India?

Since we are a French institute based in India, we do not require any affiliation with an Indian institute or university.

Please note: The education is provided by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Grand Hainaut. It is based on the standards approved by the National Committee for Professional Certification, which is under the direct supervision of the office of the Prime Minister of France. Successful candidates are awarded CNCP Level 7 certificates recognized by companies worldwide.

How long is the course?

It is a 5-year International Masters program.

What it is not?

It is NOT a 3-year course like in other schools. You need to finish five years of education to be rewarded with the International Masters

What is the focus of the curriculum?

The 5-year course looks at hands-on training and grooming so that you are industry-ready.

The curriculum takes into account how the best in the world are making animation, games and industrial designs.

At the DSK International Campus, those studying animation will work in a actual studio-like environment fitted with all the latest technologies. For instance, you will work on an array of Adobe software used by professionals. You will also get training in clay-modelling and other artistic skills necessary to be a true.

professional Animator

If you opt for video gaming, you will work in a fully-loaded studio with the latest game technologies, programming languages, 2D and 3D machines, Adobe Photoshop and, 3DS, Zbrush, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and so on.

Those that choose Industrial design will work on high-end Cintiq machines, rapid prototyping machines, thermoforming and laser cutting machines etc. These technologies will allow you to take your original idea to fruitation in an environment that mirrors what is currently happening in the global professional environment.

There is a whole host of other facilities for you. Please visit our website for more details.

Where do I stay?

The DSK International Campus course is a 100% RESIDENTIAL program. You have to stay in the campus hostel. We DO NOT admit day scholars. Even if you are from Pune, you still have to be a residential student.

A residential program is essential in an intensive course like ours, as the environment matters a lot in creating true professionals.

What is the medium of instruction?

English. You have to be comfortable with the language to qualify for the course.

What do you look for in a student?

Creativity. If you are a creative person or are creatively inclined, you are a potential candidate. If you have a relevant creative portfolio, it is an added bonus.

You have to be a 12th standard graduate to qualify for the entrance test.

To know more, please visit http://www.dsksic.com/site/admission

What should be my minimum qualification to get into the program?

You have to be a 12th standard pass-out.

What stream should I be from?

Your stream of study does not matter. You can be from humanities, science, engineering and so on. Creativity is the most important quality we look for.

If I have studied beyond 12th standard and have a degree, do I still qualify?

Yes, you do. You can appear for the entrance test even if you have graduated from any other stream or already have another degree.

What is the selection process like?

We have a online test, which is followed by a studio test. You have to clear both to qualify for admission.

The online test would comprise of Multiple Choice questions related to Design technology, industry, general knowledge, logical reasoning and analytical skills.

Those who clear the written test will then have a Studio Test. The studio test aims at evaluating the creative skills of a candidate followed by a Personal Interview & Portfolio review.

How should I go about preparing for the entrance test?

You can visit our website to download sample question papers, which will allow you to get an idea about the type of questions you are expected to answer during the entrance test.

In order to understand more about the kind of portfolio required to be prepared for a particular stream, please visit http://www.dsksic.com/entrance_exam/index.html

If you still feel that you need to know something more, please feel free to call us on this number: +91 8975765053

What is the learning process like at DSK International Campus?

    •   •  Our system is based on creative and practical learning. We have full-time faculty from Europe with substantial industry experience.
    •   •  The teaching methodology is contemporary and is delivered through state-of-the-art infrastructure, latest equipments & advanced technologies.
    •   •  Curriculum drawn by global industry experts and similar to the French one
    •   •  In the final year, jury of industrial experts from across the world come to judge final year projects.
    •   •  Our regular faculties have worked in leading companies in USA, Europe and Asia.
    •   •  We have regular MASTERCLASSES from industry experts and professionals working in the field so that students get first-hand experience of what it is like to actually work in animation, industrial design and gaming design.
    •   •  Our 20-acre campus has great infrastructure and recreational facilities, 24X7 medical facilities etc - Talk little more about the world class facilities
    •   •  Career opportunities in companies worldwide. Full placement support from us.

PLEASE NOTE: Check our website www.dsksic.com for more information

What about internships?

Internships are compulsory. Every course has its own internship schedule.

ANIMATION: 2 month internship at the end of 3rd year of foundation course; another 2 month internship at the end of the 1st year of advanced course.

VIDEO GAME: 2 month internship at the end of 1st year of advanced course; 3 month internship at the end of the 2nd year of advanced course

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: Compulsory 6 month internship beginning of the 4th year; and of the 5th year.

IMPORTANT: In order to help you get an internship that suits your inclinations, the International Campus team will actively support you in connecting with some of the world’s best companies and landing a plum opportunity to work in a professional environment.

And placements?

We organize interviews with various companies within India and abroad. We also help students develop necessary skills to make a smooth transition to their respective careers.

The placement, as you are probably aware, depends on your academic performance. We recommend deserving students to various companies.

Our placement team is constantly working to build a working relationship with companies so that our graduates are absorbed easily.

The team works also gives inputs to students on overall growth in the form of workshops, seminars and via activities like communication, personality development, interviews and interpersonal growth.

The fact that we have a strong world-wide presence of alumni in good positions in various companies and related institutes, our network is very strong. You will be well-recommended, which will be commensurate with your abilities.

Could you tell me more about your alumni network?

Our alumni network is a veritable who’s who list. In animation, DSK alumni work with top studios like DreamWorks, Pixar, Cartoon Network, BUF, Boolab, and Animal Logic, to name a few.

Our gaming alumni are present in top studios like Ubisoft, Nintendo, Jump, Gameloft, Disney, and Arkan, besides many other companies in various countries.

In the field of industrial design, you will meet our alumni at Volkswagen, Fila, Audi, BMW, Nike, Puma, Volvo, Peugeot, Renault…. The list is long. Right now there are over 2,500 graduates worldwide!

For more on the alumni network, buy a prospectus by visiting
http://www.dsksic.com/online_application_form .

How do I apply for the exam?

You can apply by visiting http://www.dsksic.com/online_application_form. The details of the application process is mentioned in our website (address comes here).

As far as NRI and international students are concerned, the processes are same as that of Residential Indians.

Links that will help you know us better:

Know the campus. http://www.dsksic.com/site/about_us

Get a feel of the infrastructure. http://www.dsksic.com/site/campus_tour

Campus life is all about work and play. http://www.dsksic.com/site/campus_buzz

See our students’ work. Click HERE

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For Video Game- http://www.dsksic.com/video_game/showcase

For Industrial Design- http://www.dsksic.com/industrial_design/showcase

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