"Allow me to express our sincere gratitude to the faculty members for developing this institute of excellence."
A. Patel
"Its been a great first year for my son at DSK Supinfogame and for us as parents to see him happy and enjoying his learning there."
S. Modak
"I am proud that my daughter got successfully passed out from your esteemed animation institute with the high standard education and environment"
S. Rairikar

A truly international school with a learning environment that is liberal in its ways as it is thorough. The best platform in the country for aspiring designers boasting of a campus with world class facilities that could put some studios to shame. The outcome of all three streams of design at ISD is worth making note of, with a great improvement in the skill level. The school has a lot to offer to the students, the community and most importantly the industry!

It is a pleasant surprise to see an institute doing so well in little time. The students are taught to work across disciplines and across years. This inculcates the ability to work in a team. Also, the overall multifaceted approach to a project is nice and students come out exposed to each of the facet. The students are quite market ready as they have the ability to work in teams and analyze a project across various vantage points. The quality of output is unbelievable. The effort each of the student has put in is amazing. There seems to be a very positive culture of excellence in the institute
Siddharth KABRA, Lemon Design, INDIA

I think DSK ISD is certainly one of the most competent design schools in the country today. This is evident from the quality of student design work, passion shown by both students and faculty and the world-class jury members. The student work is excellent and shows good understanding of design brief, ability to challenge bounding conditions and a wide spectrum of creative output. Keep up the good work, enthusiasm.
Abhimanyu KULKARNI, Philips INDIA

It is a very professional institution that offers an international learning experience to students. I am particularly impressed by the enthusiasm of the faculty as well as that of the students who seem to work very hard. The students are more market ready than many other students from colleges in India and abroad. The overall skill sets and work ethics that students have is great and their understanding of 3-dimension is very good.
Bikram MITTRA, Trampoline INDIA

Fantastic group of highly committed faculty members, great deal of raw talent and potential when it comes to the students. Great campus with amazing space and light to work in. The digital visualization skills evident are as good as anywhere. The combination of non-Indian and Indian students and faculty is vital to the success of the school, as is the involvement of professionals from abroad. India needs this, design needs this. My sincere thanks to everyone at DSK ISD.

Brilliant school, destined to become the best over the next decade, looking at the energy and vibrancy in the overall environment. Quality of visualization and representation techniques is brilliant, Portfolio show is brilliant, Overall a great opportunity for students to make a global career platform for themselves

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